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Discussion in 'Islam' started by BigJoeNobody, Jul 5, 2016.

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    In the last week we have seen a huge spike of activity against Muslims. I just don't personally understand it, nor how someone can believe these acts are done by Muslims... Some of the list of terrorist attacks that have happened in this holy month specifically the most beneficial last 10 days:

    Saudi Arabia (including the Prophet's (PBUH) Mosque)

    Also from the non-Muslim side (assuming) several attacks on people on their way to mosque. One Dr here was shot and stabbed right outside the mosque at 5 am on his way to pray. Police still refuse to classify it as a hate crime despite it being 3 men who shot and stabbed him within steps of the Mosque. Had it not been for people coming to help, there is no indication they had any intention to stop. A couple young men were jumped on their way to Iftar. They were beaten so bad that their face was unrecognizable, their car roof was covered in blood.

    The solution to both of these issues is the same, to different degrees. Education and separation. The ones mentioned about foreign countries need the population to be educated on the error of their leaders, the domestics need to be educated that there are people who identify as one religion, but do not represent it. The problem with the second is the plethora of false information from non-Muslims about Muslim beliefs. sites often used in reference even here have thousands if not hundreds of thousands of hits per day, and they do nothing but spread fear and hate...

    I pray Allah opens all these evil people's hearts to a minimum amount of understanding at least.
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    I offer my prayers that the violence will cease... Late last year December 2nd we had a taste of the violence and sadness near our community in San Bernardino... I believe the inter-faith community responded appropriately.

    See my earlier post at:
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    My heartfelt condolences go out to the dead and the victims of these attacks.

    And my sympathies to those Muslims who must wonder, during the month of penance and temperance, what poisons the hearts of those who view Ramadan as 'the month of conquests' and marks it with attacks against Muslims, and attacks against Islam's Holy Places ...

    Pax vobiscum.
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