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It may be just my computer being wonky, but I got my first PM and responded -- and the response form was about 30 inches wide, scrolling way off the right side of my screen. I had to cursor over to even find the box for writing the text of the response, and then again to find the "send the message" button. You might want to take a look at it, and see if it does that for others.
Thanks for letting me know about that, Polycarp.

I know the boxes may ending up stretching if there's a stupendously long URL or pic posted - but I suspect that wasn't the case.

Therefore this sounds like it may be a coding issue. May I please ask which brower and operating system you are using, so I can get back to the developers with it?
MSIE 5.00.3103.0000 on a Windows 2000 Professional OS

I don't rule out my own computer being at fault, but I figured giving you a heads-up in case the problem occurs with others was a wise idea. (FWIW, the smilies spread across about 15" of screen on that form, pushing the message box and buttons below it far to the right -- but they're also spread out over well more than a horizontal screensworth of area.)
No porblem, and thanks for the heads up. I figure if one person experiences it then others will.

anyway, I've taken this to developer support. There is actually a newer version of this board coming out, hopefully next week. It might be worth seeing if it's corrected in that.

Anyway, thanks again for the feedback - not often people bring bugs/errors/mistakes to light, to I'm much obliged when reports do come in. :)
Hmm. I think I sent Polycarp a PM once and didn't have a problem, but that was a few weeks ago.

Hopefully the forum conversion *tomorrow* should have any possible bugs addressed. :)
I should hope that's there's no real issue with the Private messaging now? :)