The Charioteer, Power of Seven 2005


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The Charioteer
Power of Seven 2005
by Kim

Mystical Number Seven

The New Year is usually full of hope and promise, so what is important about 2005? Numerologically, the celestial moon rules the mystical number 7. The aspect is positive and number seven’s star sign is Cancer. Saturn also resides in Cancer until July 2005, pushing humanity even further to take responsible action. There is just seven months left to this important transit and catalyst for change, its influence ends in July 2005. Cancer is a very emotional sign and in 2005, our relationship with our homeland, our people and our environment will be foremost on our mind. Exterior forces impacting on our present and the future of humanity, will also be emotive factors in our re-evaluation and decision making process. Greater numbers of people will be more receptive to the planetary energies as the power increases steadily in vibration. Influential signs will be shown on a planetary level, to be heeded and acted upon. Larger numbers of people will experience new realisations about their connection with the earth mother and her feminine, but powerful nature. Saturn also represents Divine Mother in Kabbalistic astrology.

People and organisations will unite and work together, leading by example demonstrating unity consciousness. The lover and beloved reaching new heights of accomplishment, through understanding, patience and compromise, while still engaging with all that IS and the union with the divine.

The Children

The generation of children born from 1998 onwards will certainly be heavily influenced by the events of 2005. Those that come into their seventh year and those that are ruled by number seven will show the most remarkable changes.

So if you suddenly find your child has taken on the persona of Jesus Christ or another avatar do not be surprised! These children will quite likely tell you, to get your own house in order, before you instruct them to clear up their rooms and do their homework. They will show real signs of the mystic teacher and his righteousness. These children will be the ones to tell you that meat and wheat is bad for you, and demonstrate wisdom far beyond their years. Totally in tune with their divinity and why they are here, nothing and nobody will stop these divine beings from expressing their concern for mother earth and all its sentient beings. Expect to witness outspoken reverence for God’s domain that you are blessed to share with them. These children will be extremely sensitive to planetary energies this year, so please be aware of how important it is, that their natural intuitive feelings are embraced, trusting that they know better is going to be paramount, and will impact on their growth and perception of you and their environment.

The People

This is a good year to do the travelling that may have been postponed to date; you may feel compelled to join the regeneration in South Asia following the recent catastrophe. or pay homage to sacred sites around the globe. It is the number of those that really care, sensitive’s, creative’s. poet’s, artist’s of all descriptions will be empowered and inspired to create new ways to communicate this engagement with the world at large. So we can expect new films, television, literary, research papers to be very much closer to the heart of the matter, in response to the iron fist that humanity now faces in the real world.

The sensitive’s will inform, guide, share, and create more awareness of the real issues at stake in our communities. During 2005, the spread of reliable information will come to the fore, as each individual begins to express themselves externally, a great deal more then they have in the past.

We will really begin to see people power in action. Compelled from within to share love, light and different realities. Not content to sit or stand still, Cancer the Crab can move sideways to achieve its goal but the goal is reached quickly once the decision is made. Direct, immediate, their resources run deep through the sands of time, it is the time of the quickening. Number seven represented by the sign of Cancer, is the sign of the mother and will bring through all the divine feminine qualities of dedication, commitment, compassion and unconditional love. People are more prone to seek the meaning of life and their reason for being in a seven-year. I can hear these words OK, I AM here, I AM ready now what? The holy mother will bring many people under her wing, as more and more light workers are now able to fly beyond her nest.

On a heart level a seven-year is not an easy one for those that choose to put their heads in the sand, and ignore the relationship with the external world. These people could find life passing them by unless they have a change of heart. Cause and effect acts faster in a seven-year more then any other, the combination of Saturn and the seven- year both being signs of the teacher, is likely to bring rapid learning on many levels of consciousness, one will not be able to ignore the impact of 2005. Seven also influences fanaticism, so sadly we will see more of this rear its ugly head.

This is the year that the humanitarian comes to the fore, so there is a likelihood that new and very different teachers and leaders, in all walks of life will emerge from nowhere this year.

The Divine - Archangel Gabriel is the Angel of the Moon

Ruling the number seven and its influences of resurrection, annunciation and revelation, Gabriel certainly plans to bring his sphere of influence to bear on the year ahead. Guiding those who are committed, dedicated, disciplined and ready to be the Charioteers!

Archangel Gabriel will be taking a very active role in navigating the forces of good with clear directions. So fly divine!

Number seven is represented symbolically by the Charioteer, so a year to take charge, get those wheels in action, moving forward with the power of grace, love and steel! Seven is a magical number and one for the mystics, philosopher’s, light workers, spiritual and earth activists, it symbolises a year of great advancement in learning, from interior and exterior forces, in the year of the teacher! So be prepared for what it’s going to bring forth. The Chariot is driven with intelligence from the heart of the spirit, and the wheels represent pure intent and the divine will of the soul.

The Stag and the Unicorn draw Archangel Gabriel’s chariots, the Stag represents the new dawn, it brings strength and victory of spirit over matter. The Unicorn brings sovereign power, moral virtue, purity and integrity. Both of these power animals stand by the Tree of Life. Are you one of the Charioteer’s that is willing to harness the action of ‘emotive social evolution’ that was predicted in 2003?

Christ bestowed this message to the Charioteer’s that will read this, he said ‘This is not a battle; it is the survival of the human race. The charioteer’s will lead the ascent, creating heaven on earth and the Kingdom of Love in unity consciousness. The children of light and love will lead humanity out of the wilderness of darkness, you will see the winning line, we will cross over together into the new world and energy of Christ Consciousness, we will be successful, sodality stream of love’.

The Hot Spot

The highlight and hot spot of this seven year is a Grand Cross on the 30th May, Economic Astrologer Robert Gover from the US, discovered this Grand Cross and he said this, “ In the USA's birth chart, the Sun-Saturn square has the most to do with the overall economy, so when it's "afflicted" by a grand cross from the outermost planets, we can expect a historic period, in this case having to do with the overall economy: change (Uranus) and transformation (Pluto).” You can view the chart here:

Those that have made money and materialism their master, or depend on money and financial assets for security and safety, are likely to be sorely tested during and after this Grand Cross. The world will feel the direct impact of the USA’s financial position being afflicted.

The Grand Cross on the 30th May also signifies another powerful increase in the Christ energy. A year of opportunities to be capitalised upon immediately, or they will pass us by. Patience and compassionate action are necessary virtues to be developed further this year, empowering your new vision to take root!

Those that live in their heads in preference to their hearts, will find the impact of this Grand Cross alarming, as they desperately attempt to find their footings in a world of drastic change and shifting tides. Those with foundation’s that are built on sand will have to work very hard, not to get swept away by debt and financial loss. For some it will feel like a financial crucifixion, for the positive people it will be liberation from that which as been holding them back. Letting go of the material chains that bind them, be it homes, schemes or businesses, releasing ties will enable many to move forward unhindered by the past. Breaking free from the hamster wheel of old karmic patterns is also going to be an important benefit this year. There will be greater interest in past life work and karma cutting as unconscious memories surface into the conscious mind field.

Those that do live in their hearts, will be inspired to reach greater heights of achievement, assisting others to engage in right relationship with the whole of the planet, its people, its children and all that IS. Thinking globally and acting locally, hand in hand, side-by-side create the Kingdom of Love. Ecological, safe and sustainable futures will be a positive outcome, for those that break free and live their dreams and visions. During these turbulent end times, learning to walk between the worlds, and the different dimensional realities is going to be an important aspect for many spiritual people. Assisting those that are stuck in third dimensional reality of consciousness, to transcend and move with the times. The Charioteers will play a key role in helping humanity to grasp the immensity of this transition. So if you like easy rides, the only way is to move forward into new territories with a risen state of being! The time of Chivalry has returned, changing the face of humanity, the tide of positive change is in our favour.

The impact of events and decisions made in 2005, planetary and personally, will reverberate with great power for seven years, it is the action that will roll us into 2012.

So let those heavenly chariots lead the human race, into the golden age, one planet, one people, one heart, a paradigm shift of consciousness.

May peace, grace, courage and strength be with us all in 2005.

Love beyond measure


Bestowed on the 24th December 2004 Sacred Geometry 24-12-24

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The astrologer has confirmed that this statement should be removed from the above article, no edit button came up so I am putting this here.

"This affliction will impact on the world economy and Robert said this would continue until 2014-2015."

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Synchronicity.....tonights newspaper East Anglian Daily Times...

Archaeologists are awaiting confirmation that they have unerthed a major discovery - The first Roman chariot-racing track in Britain. Experts have unearthed in Colchester what they believe to be the remains of the world's largest Roman chariot-racing track outside Italy and the very first in Britain. Stone fragments from what could have been a stadium similar in look and size to Rome's famous Ben Hur amphitheatre have been discovered during a dig at Colchester Garrison.

She smiles.......
I'm a Cancerian myself :)

Like Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, Princess Diana, President Kennedy, John the Baptist (I refuse to mention George W. Bush) all Political leaders and

All assassinated apart from the jack ass.
Powerful influences then for you PM this year.

I am doing a live radio interview on this piece tomorrow and it is being published in Paradigm Shift Magazine in February.

blessings in abundance