Quotes and Memes

A loop is what you're in where do you get nowhere though you try

Like a bee against a window you'll be stuck there till you die

There is no truth horizon where the ocean meets the sky

You have to climb out of a loop -- to leave it you must rise

Then from beyond the limits you may look back in surprise

To see your loop was never there at all -- so what are you outside?
I didn't spend a great deal of time looking, I grabbed the first image small enough to fit and I still had to crop out some extraneous info at the bottom. I've long known of the analogy and find it very fitting to the human condition. Most folks are oblivious to this tendency.

I really don't trouble myself with hierarchies. I know they exist. I know some folks enjoy "playing the game" and "climbing the ladder." The loner in me doesn't really care, and I try to stay out of buckets and avoid crabby people.
For becoming man he ceases to be the universe; but when he ceases to be man as Plato says, he raises himself on high, and governs the world. For being made of the whole, he also makes the whole.

Plotinus, Enneads. V, viii, 7