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    Aug 18, 2019
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    Guess what? As soon as I've decided to take my abilitys to the next level for educational purposes, and understanding of spirits and the after life, I've been greeted by one today, not my first experience so I'm not shook by it.. I sometimes think that people or spirits are all around me im not sure why maybe due to my native american heritage? I once saved a beautiful hawks life from a snake, and when the snake released its hold from the snake the hawk sat up and looked into my eyes, and it gave me a message of protection, every since then I've felt like something is always with me guiding me and sometimes giving me visions..my primary concern is contact with spirits and healing and helping spirits that are doomed find peace and transition to whatever the afterlife awaits each individual. I wonder why some go immediately to the great beyond, why some choose to stay, and why some are lost or stuck..Mike
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