Egregore (artificial elemental)

Earlier in this thread you mentioned using magical defenses, and assistance by someone you trust, @shaffy. Is that still working for you?
First of all, all of you thanks for replying! This is an, occult fighting technique with tantric anatomy, an intention experiment with an egregore, as said under de heading: "Techno Occultism of the FOGC", in the next article, written by Benjamin Adamah:!

Well yes the magicians still want to come, but they want some people who committed crimes, on the ritual group magic site, to go to prison, and than they are safe to come there, to bring me there, to meet my guardian angel!
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Interesting I never thought about it this way egregore. The thought form created from time , and people. If you take the concept of the lotus flower, five minds to become a mind then it is possible I suppose to have a mind with many minds figuring things out. Created out of intention and the will to find time and figure things out.

I am more on the lines with RJM, with jinn then perhaps egregore. The jinn or shadows as I refer to them is a mind created to keep the allowed from becoming themselves again. I would say it is more likely a jinn called into action by an allowed mind then a thought form. It does not take much for an allowed mind to find their jinn, give it time and the ability to figure something out, it can cause harm to others.