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    ... and since time is illusory, the present includes many billions of light years away, which amounts to what would seem like an eternity in the future. The future's technology here on earth today, unseen, unknown, unused by those who are, for lack of a better term, from here.

    Ir's true that we can fold space and time, but what we cannot do is fold the known universe, but guess what? Those many billions of light years in the future, which is already in the present can, and it's done with ... you guessed, a hand held device. Kids have them, young adults have them, middle aged adults have them, and also the elderly.

    They can fold the known universe, which is no longer expanding, but rather shrinking. We're going backwards, so to speak, a reverse direction of the ebb and flow, and they continue to fold the universe. We're being birthed again. In other words, our universe is about to be Re-born again, and just like last time, it'll be an entirely new beginning. While they're living life fully ... well some anyway, others are in a frantic race to save what is known. The kids are playing with their devices, our lives here are becoming increasingly more difficult, and there just isn't enough joy and happiness to go around.

    Eye wear that couples as a holographic type map, a virtual reality type of way to see is sometimes employed by,.. you guessed it, those who are looking for a new world too. It's a frantic race in time and space, and at the end of day, we'll all begin again. How long? Who knows but I don't. So when I say don't fear the reaper, I mean it, and when I say a new birth is under way, it's similar to a a child being conceived in a mothers womb.

    Science Tech Past and Present ... What do we do until then? If I could it would be to do what we can to enjoy life, do what we can to make the best of what we have, and continue with business as usual. Death is much like going to sleep at night, then waking up refreshed in the morning, except the dreams we have at night aren't present as they once were, you know ... while we were still on our mothers womb before. Her dreams were our dreams, and our dreams are sometimes another's dream, and all I can say is our mother cares. !000 years more, a million? Maybe 9 million or maybe not. I don't know. What I do know is it'd be great if we could all cooperate a little more, and get on with the business of living.

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