Proofing god by the ultimae sacrifice?

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    The universe, or at least the part we experience, seems to be amoral: it kills the good and the evil alike.

    But are humans minds really amoral? Because if they are not, evolution is not or at least not the only process that formed their minds ...

    Evolution can only explain an amoral form of goodness, an opportunistic form of building social groups and proscoial behaviour against and to the DISADVANTAGE other groups and species (problem of life and entrophy in closed systems). One proofen case of non-amoral, non-opportunistic behaviour would hence be sufficient to proof evolution wrong.

    Now some behaviours like ultimate self-sacrifice seem to qualify as such proof. Suicide does qualify as potential proof too (Because it could be simply be caused by a realistic assessment that the world and oneself is to evil to make life worth living. For this one needs an internal standard above evolution what is a worthy life and how one should be).

    Suicide is a conetntious subject so let's take the route over the ultimate sacrifice for others:
    Sciene makes a lot of bla bla of how this should work. It all boils down to make true altruistic behaviour some kind of mental error, where the behaviour that is extrapolated from evolutionary biology is set as standard as what is "mentally healthy". In short this is circular reasoning and hence a scientifically unfalsifiable claim.

    Now I have not proofed god, I just proofed that counterclaims explaining aways the ultimate sacrifice do not even fulfill the criterias for a testable hypothesis.

    It hence remains up to your choice and choose wisely: In an evolutionary and hence amoral version of this reality your life would have no value for no one but yourself. Because all the love your receive even from relatives is opportunistic.

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