Atheist Mysticism

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    Apr 13, 2021
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    Hi there, l consider our existence to run the whole gamut of planes.

    What is Truth? I would be tempted to say maths but no. I would be even more tempted to say truth is axial to all planes.

    You ask: what is Fibonacci to aesthetic taste? I forgot to add: this goes to the core of my life's quest: to harmonise the spheres and so figure out my world fully.

    Beauty? That is for me the aesthetic plane.

    When l was speaking about cutting god in half, l meant separating one extreme end of the spectrum of planes, from the other. So at one end, math, the other, aesthetic. No harmony or mutual recognition between them. That is cutting the planes in half and so we lose our perspective on the whole. Hermeticism sought the whole l suppose.

    Seperating them gives us the introverted egghead at one end and the spaced hippie at the other.

    Edit: l'm going back into self imposed exile now. Dodged too much work today. Will reply to all in due course.

    EDIT: You're right by the way, one is perpendicular to the other, if truth is axiomatic to all planes, yet beauty is an actual plane, then they are perpendicular like x and y axes.

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