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I am a Wiccan who used to be a Vaishnava (aka Hare Krishna) and am also a sci fi fan from my childhood on. :) I am passionate about religious tolerance and love to learn about other beliefs to increase my understanding of the Divine, so I am excited about this forum. I am also a grandma, mother of two, bookkeeper, and I love music from Ani DiFranco to Tool to Libana. An eclectic mix, like most everything in my life.

I am living with coronary artery disease so my focus on my spiritual life has increased.

Blessed Be and nice to meet you all.

Re: About the Introductions board!

Hello Tapati and welcome to CR ! Enjoy your staying in here. I hope your eclectic tastes will be satisfied.:)

If you want to have a chat on SF topics, you can take a look to the sister site, the science-fictions & fantasy forum administrated by Brian :

Re: About the Introductions board!

Hi Tapati, and welcome to CR. :)