I put this up at another forum but it should really go here. I watch gangaji once a week and have learned a lot. She is really neat and has a gentle approach for someone interested in learning about our inner self.

She also has a great sense of humor that makes you feel welcome and good about yourself. I reccomend gangaji for some who may have a low self esteem also about themselves and as a good start to learn how to feel better about who they are.


This site has some of her media and dates. Also a schedule of her on TV on public channels. I will tell you, she has taught me to look at myself in a better perspective and find a certain inner peace. But I must also say that this inner peace is a different type of peace than that of the peace of God. But they are both a good peace to know.
Namaste Bandit,

thank you for the post.

i'm moving this thread to the general Eastern Thought section since it isn't about Buddhism in particular.