What have you yet to achieve?


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Essentially - what have you yet to achieve in life that you really yearn to achieve?

Travel - I've never travelled outside of the UK - my family went local for holidays. And I'm currently at the lower end of UK earners, so with a family even supposed "cheap" package holidays are quite out of my range. I mention this first simply because I covered a similar topic on another thread.

Mission - I'm still hoping that my own ideas and spiritual experiences will translate into some form of useful action, and lasting legacy. My aspirations of becoming a published author are a first step in this direction - but then there is the actual translation of "knowledge" into action that I still aim to achieve something of in my own life-time. Essentially I'd like to take a far more pro-active role in tackling serious humanitarian issues anywhere across the world - namely in tackling the worst poverty and helping implement poverty eradication programs that can save lives - especially on issues such as access to clean water, sustainable food development, and drainage, of course, for health issues. It remains to be seen how much I will ever be able to achieve. I remain ever hopeful, though. There is also the very real danger that there is a youthful optimism involved here - though hopefully life kicked my naivity from me long ago.
I have yet to achieve a real understanding of what I actually want to achieve out of live. I'm sorry if that does not help but it is the real truth of my position. Ask not what you can do for life, but what life can do for you, perhaps?
Dang, Brian, why do I let you rattle my brain like this?
I have no idea what it is I have yet to achieve. I've been married 32 years, have a hubby who adores me and thinks I'm still the sexiest woman he knows, have four gifted fun children, and am materially pretty comfortable when compared to the bulk of the world.

What have I already achieved, may be the place to start.
I've managed to teach English for 22 years without losing my desire to teach. I've discovered this past 36 months or so that I have a life of my own that I have a right to pursue. This past year, I've achieved relationship with a number of "net friends" that I have come to love.

I'm not sure I can think of anything significant that I need to achieve......perhaps convincing my husband that my life on the net does not have to threaten my life with him?
I simply hope to see my five (soon to be seven) grandchildren live to a reasonable age as healthy and happy individuals!:)
What have I left to achieve? Why omniscience, of course!