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I read about the standards (flags) of the 12 tribes of Israel.
So far the only for sure one described is the tribe of Judahs being the Lion
Does anyone of any religion have information on what the other 11 tribes were represented by ?
I once called the rabbi of a local jewish congregation and he was perplexed by this.
If I cant find the answer to this than my next question would be why and when was this information lost.

Another puzzle have fun with it :)
I know what you are talking about but I have not done a study on it that way to help. I think there will be someone here who can help though. There is just so much and I think different ones study different things so that we can share or teach each other at different times in our life :)

So hang in there.
There's a large discussion here: , including the fact that the heraldry isn't necessarily agreed upon by everyone, and is based on symbolic references (of which Judah's is the clearest - "the lion's whelp").

Given the number of invasion/occupation/exile/wander/return sequences, it's not too surprising the flag or banner descriptions were lost