Two types of intentions

If you can figure this out you will then see all the things that are not known to humanity.

Dear powessy; thank you very much for taking the time once again to try to share knowledge with another. I understand little of what you are sharing, but I respect it.

As for the meditation you suggested; again, it is beyond me. By the loving will of God, I am His slave. Whenever I am not focusing on something, the Names and Glories of God automatically come up in my mind. To practice your meditation, I would have to block that. To block out God's Name is completely contrary to the position God has placed me in. Or if I mix the two (seeing the 'hands' and saying the Name of God), then it will just become God's Hands, and then there goes the meditation... :-D But I greatly appreciate your teachings.

May all bliss and serenity fill your mind and your 'myself'