Wolf and The Other Me


the divine ignorance (and friends)
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Wolf, 2021. George MacKay and Lily-Rose Depp, et al.
The Other Me, 2022. Jim Sturgess, Andreja Pejic, et al.

The latest two films I have watched. Sometimes God/the universe/ just gives you what you need to see. Mo betta than listening to little gods cackle and peck.

Wasn't sure where to put this. Feels kind of like saying, "Hey, I saw these two movies the other day", except with a bullhorn. Mods move at will.

Can't explain the movies, I just felt them.
Thanks for the recommendations. What are they about?
Thanks for the recommendations. What are they about?

I can only tell you how I felt about them. "The Other Me" I felt was about finding the true self through both divine guidance and the arrangement of circumstances. The title is perhaps a double entendre for one's true self and the other person or persons who complete us. It's never the way we think it is going to be. The ending felt like coming home in a way.

In "Wolf" a young man finds himself committed to a mental institution where all the inmates think they are various animals. Soon a romance develops between Wolf and the mysterious "Wildcat", who permanently lives at the facility. Questionable therapeutic tactics are used especially by the rather severe "Dr. Mann".

At the end both Wolf and Wildcat must make a decision and we are left wondering who made the best choice and why.
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