Happy Palm Sunday 2022


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Wishing a happy Palm Sunday to the I.O. participants who celebrate it.

If your church has blessed palm frond crosses in its liturgy, and you want to share a personal story about the occasion, or the Holy Week ahead, it would be lovely to learn about that.
At mass this morning while the Abbot was blessing the palm crosses by sprinkling holy water with a dipper from a holy water basin as the people held them up for blessing, the perforated brass ball at the end of the sprinkling stick thing came off and he had to go on sprinkling with his fingers. Lucky it didn't hit anyone in the head, lol
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It was a long service, including the blessing of the palm crosses before the mass began and then including a full reading of the passion of Christ from the Gospel of Luke -- from the palm entry to the taking down of the body -- and there were a few children restless and grouchy, because it was just too long for them. I felt sorry for them.