Unity In Diversity


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As much as I might be inclined to agree, there is a common thread through history when we have looked at the world and said: 'This is our dark times'.

But we are looking at it from a particular sociological viewpoint ... there are continents of people where the world is as bleak and as bright as ever it was.

I'd say the 17th century takes some beating.

Do they though? I think many pay lip-service to the doctrine, but look after No1. first.

Well if the message is 'Peace on earth and goodwill to all', then social media has weaponised against it.

What socmed shows is 'my tribe' lurks ever just beneath the veneer, it supersedes all else and once roused, anything goes ...

Hello Thomas and I agree with you. you mentioned good points. the only thing some people care about is their own progress no matter in what expense they get it.