The term "gazehounds" is also used along with "sighthounds" as they hunt by sight
As opposed to smellhounds... the other main strain of the group known as hounds...
A truism from my Quora feed

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A PSA for dogs/owners (it's about 15:55, maybe a bit later):

Elton John (the doggo) accidently chewed on some foxglove, which is toxic to canine cmpanions/workers. The spa/hotel assisted Mary Burke in getting her "eyes" the proper treatment, plus Molly mentions the Poison Control Center for Animals, which can be a lifesaver for any nonhuman companion.

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Don't watch this if you're deoressed or similarly afflicted (talks about cancer and euthanasia):

Gallop was a mixed breed dog that was either the second or third service dog that Molly Burke had.

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Spa day for a special mixed breed:
This doggo might wake y'all up at a certain point in the grooming session:

He's an Akita mix. possibly with a German Shepherd
Here's a Perro de Presa Canario

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An EF-5 Furnado courtesy of a border collie/husky mix and the Canadian groomer:
This dog's Tiny:
Yes, his human name's Tiny, but he's a Saint Bernard/Bernese Mountain Dog cross (so he's "tiny") The Canadian groomer was his first professional groomer of his five years (as far as she knows/knew...)

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A cat isn't afraid of a dog, in open field, but against a fox a cat is helpless, imo
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