The Shamanism of Iblīs Šayṭān

'Amir Alzzalam

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The proclamation of Iblis resonates far and wide, its tendrils reaching into the realms where poets such as William Blake dare to tread. In their verses, the Devil finds a peculiar embodiment, a manifestation of the Imagination itself. Iblis, a being distinct from the Christian devil and untethered from the worship of Satanists bound by the shackles of Abrahamic dogma, emerges as the harbinger of conscious awareness.

Within him lies the essence of Isolate Consciousness, a profound realization shared among all sentient beings. No, Iblis is not the one who submits himself before the dominion of intellect, for he is the very embodiment of the Imagination. In the grand tapestry of existence, where the powers of man, both spiritual and physical, bow to the dominion of the spirit, the Imagination remains defiantly independent. It is the Arabic term 'Wahm,' a notion that can be grasped as the 'imaginal faculty,' for without the vivid images it conjures, spiritual enlightenment would wither away. Reality, enigmatic and ethereal, can only be truly apprehended through the manifold manifestations it assumes.

In the depths of the spiritual realm, Iblis stands as the Guardian of the Threshold, a mysterious and enigmatic presence that dwells within the ambiguous borders of a liminal No-Place. It is the realm of the Imagination, a vast expanse of infinite possibilities, shrouded in the arid embrace of the Desert. There, in that barren and desolate landscape, the seeds of inspiration and revelation take root, sprouting forth
with unruly abandon.

Beware, for within the land of the Imagination, secrets lay veiled and truths lie obscured. It is a domain where the boundaries of reality blur, where the mortal and the ethereal dance an intricate and treacherous ballet. Iblis, the master of this realm, whispers his enigmatic wisdom, beckoning the intrepid seeker to traverse the boundless expanse of the Desert, to plumb the depths of the imagination and unravel the mysteries that lie therein.

The call of Iblis echoes, resonating through the very fabric of existence. It is a call to explore the realms beyond the veil, to embrace the power of The Imagination, and to venture into the shifting sands of the Desert where the seeds of enlightenment await those who dare to venture forth.
كتاب العواء في ليلة الصحراء
Kitab Eawa' fi Laylat Alsahra'
The Book of Howling in the Desert Night
by 'Amir Alzzalam