'Amir Alzzalam

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There are tendencies towards the development of the Iblis-figure in the traditional way, and yet towards a completely original re-formulation of it. On the whole, in his treatment of Iblis, one can see many of Iqbal's brilliant "flashes" of poetic and philosophical insight.

The movement of the world and the evolution of humanity is possible only through the conquest of darkness and the powers of Chaos.

جساد النجوم صنعت بواسطتك ؛ أنا القوة الدافعة لهم.
أنا جوهر العالم. أنا مصدر الحياة الأساسي.
الجسد يستمد روحه منك ، لكني أوقظ الروح.
بينما كنت تتأرجح مع السلام الهنيء ، أقود دعوة العمل.
ذلك المخلوق الأرضى المتواضع ، الإنسان ، ذو الذكاء اللئيم ،
على الرغم من ولادته في حضنك ، فسوف يتقدم في السن تحت يقظتي

"The stars' bodies were made by you; I am their motive force.
I am the substance of the world; I am life's primal source.
The body draws its soul from you, but I arouse the soul.
While you waylay with blissful peace, I lead with action's call.
That low-born creature of earth, man, of mean intelligence,
Though born in your lap, will grow old under my Vigilance"

It is Iblis who leads human beings on from conquest to conquest, who shows them the way to knowledge and perfection.
Iblis praises a life of action, of perpetual excitement and challenge - a marked contrast to the effortless case of parasitical living.

Regarding Iblis as the dynamic principle of life, it is very likely that Iqbal was also influenced by Goethe (for whom, next to Rumi, he had the greatest admiration and affection) who in Faust shows the Devil as humankind's companion, forming human beings, working on them lest they slumber.

In Iqbal's thought, Iblis is never wholly evil. He is the symbol of the eternal "la" (negation) but for Iqbal, "Id" implies "ilia" (affirmation) and is "an absolutely necessary constituent of a perfect social order."

Šah Iblīs Šayṭān is, in all these aspects, always a necessary partner of the Perfect Man. Iblis is nothing if not proud. He does not doubt for an instant that he is superior to Adam. He is a creature of fire while Adam is made of dust. Iblis says to God justifying his disobedience.

"The fire of separation is the stuff of life; How sweet the intoxication of the day of separation. The very name of union comes not to my lips"