Rav A.I. Kook (d. 1935)

Nicholas Weeks

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The Hidden Spring
Higher thoughts emanate from a distant realm; they are presented to us in an inchoate state, without defined form, with no conceptual structure. Our inner longing is directed only towards them. It is by a link with their riches that a blessing is bestowed on the structured thoughts, through which wisdom and knowledge go out into the world in all the expanding flow of their currents.

And when a person experiences a lack of understanding, and a decline in spiritual creativity, let him at once run to the hidden spring. Let him take shelter in the shadow of the Almighty, let him satisfy his thirst from the deep wells of the great masters who are wise of heart; let him study even if he does not fully comprehend what they say. Refreshed by the higher waters he will blossom and his spiritual vitality will be restored.

Let him reflect on his experience after returning from his intellectual adventure in the distant realm to the home ground of structured ideas, to the sphere of customary mental activity. He will then see, and behold, that the Lord's blessing has returned to him, and he has become like a spring that flows with increasing strength and a river that does not cease. For the source of blessing is in the place of mystery, in the hidden place where the highest secrets abide. The source of blessing is in a realm that is closed to the eye, as it is written: "The Lord will ordain blessing for you in your hidden places." (Deut. 2 8:18) 3

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