North Korea


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Definitely a situation to keep watching - especially now that the US has determined to utilise a policy of "pre-emptive strikes".

Tensions over North Korea have been high for some while now - but will Bush take the war across the whole of his proclaimed "axis of evil"?

PyongYang seems to think so, as reported here.
Well, the server crash put a stop to our updating of simmering news stories. North Korea may not be making headlines at the moment, but the tensions are still there and rising. Here's the lastest, with North Korea promising to expand production of their nuclear deterrent in response to US "aggression".

N Korea issues nuclear warning

Bush's options on North Korea

And here's an additional article by Orson Scott Card, which takes an interesting look at the possible diplomatic strategies occuring behind the scenes:

Why We Won’t Invade North Korea
Just in case anyone thought the issue of North Korea has gone away, it's worth pointing out that it hasn't - it's still smouldering away.

Today the United Nations effectively denounced North Korea as a danger - a significant development on the otherwise pan-National issue between the USA, China, North and South Korea.

It's also interesting to note that China has effectively stated that it will address North Korea more directly, which is certainly interesting.

N Korea nuclear threat 'serious'
I just pray that God will watch over us.
The U.S. diplomats should do some careful planning and take cautions at all cost.