Is Democracy worth it?


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The attitude of the Burmese government is pretty pathetic over the entire issue of incarcerating Daw Aung San Suu Kyi. But, then again, what is Suu fighting for? At the moment it's a struggle of idealism. But after that - hard reality. The cry for "democracy" has given us a US president who came second in voting, a Britain dictated to by an unelected upper chamber (House of Lords), and now the Presidency of Europe is being taken on by an Italian gangster - the last word of which immediately brings to mind "Chirac". And Jorg Heider's party in Austria is shunned because the rest of Europe do not like who was fairly and democratically elected in that country!

Democracy is a sad idealism that is easily played by the hand of corruption. Suu makes for a great idealistic struggle - but will ushering in yet another corrupt oil-fed third-world government really make the Burnmese people better off?

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Er,,strong views Brian. Do you really think that democracy isn't worth it or has your cynicism just got the better of you? I don't blame you if it has but democracy is harder to corrupt and less restrictive. How many restrictive democracies can oyu name where you cannot travel or meet people you love without express permission from the authorities? Where you cannot comment or air opinions or laugh at certain jokes without fear of arrest? *That's* why Soo is fighting against.
It's okay, Elizabeth May - I'm setting a stall for debate, not languishing in my own cynicism. :)