William Law (1686-1761)

Nicholas Weeks

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From Spirit of Love:

Now the spirit of love has this original. God, as considered in
himself in his holy being, before anything is brought forth by him or out of
him, is only an eternal will to all goodness. This is the one eternal
immutable God, that from eternity to eternity changeth not, that can be
neither more nor less nor anything else but an eternal will to all the
goodness that is in himself, and can come from him. The creation of ever so
many worlds or systems of creatures adds nothing to, nor takes anything
from this immutable God. He always was and always will be the same
immutable will to all goodness. So that as certainly as he is the creator, so
certainly is he the blesser of every created thing, and can give nothing but
blessing, goodness, and happiness from himself because he has in himself
nothing else to give. It is much more possible for the sun to give forth
darkness than for God to do, or be, or give forth anything but blessing and
goodness. Now this is the ground and original of the spirit of love in the
creature; it is and must be a will to all goodness, and you have not the spirit
of love till you have this will to all goodness at all times and on all