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CR is a project that started with good intentions, but I feel it stalled still partway through the process.

The big issues is that I need to add a lot more content - a lot more writings from various religions, tidy up a few things, and even a slight redesign.

However, I'm very much open to suggestions on what people would like to see here.

My list of things to do is as follows -

- add a lot more religious writings
- titles with capital letters, not all lower case
- finish incomplete areas, ie, Judaism and Mesoamerica
- change header graphic and minor site design changes
- add an Amazon affiliated bookstore for religious-theme books
- add a Baha'i section
- add new boards for religions not yet with their own??
- start a religion news blog
- tidy a few other things about the site

Comments, feedback, suggestions, all welcome. :)
Brian, do you need help ? As I can see you have planned to complete some areas. I'll be interested in a research for Mesoamerica. Just let me know, if I can help.:)
A recent post in spanish got me thinking, is there a generic translator available that could be added? Something simple to use? It might expand both the ability to reach others around the world, as well as translate texts from the native tongues. Just a thought, if not too much trouble.