Para mi angel


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Siento el sabor de tu boca, el olor de tu cabello,
el hervir de tu sangre, el llamado de tus piernas
y es lo unico con lo que sueno.

Le pediria Dios no despertar hasta que vengas a rescatarme y me raptes entre tus alas de angel.
For those interested, I did a translation work and here you have my result :

"For my angel

I feel the flavor of your mouth, the scent of your hair, boiling of your blood, the call of your legs and is the only with which I sound. It would ask for God not to wake up until you come to rescue me and abduct me between your wings of angel."

I do not guarantee my translation 100 %. Two of the words I thought were Spanish (pediria and raptes) were Portughese. Interesting. I wonder where Dragon 40000 comes from.
thanks alexa. that was nice.
i was interested. it almost reminds me of one of the songs of solomon.
not to wake up until you come to rescue me
I have a translation for the other one, too, but unfortunately it's not appropriate to be on the CR. :)