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Getting my sites in general SEO'ed (Search Engine Optimised) has become a small obsession over the past few months. Although I've yet to actually fully customise the bigger sites properly - not least here - having a forum that can be fully indexed has become a major goal.

Unfortunately, YaBB SE isn't at all liked by search engine spiders, and except for the main page and board index pages the rest of the forum is invisible to indexing. Unfortunately, it does not appear to be an issue that will be addressed anytime soon by the developers there. Which is a shame as I've really enjoyed using their software.

Now that vBulletin have got an official converter for YaBB SE 1.5.4 I'll be upgrading the forum at shortly future date. I'd prefer it not to be this coming week as I need to finish off and launch that for Friday. Which means that I'll likely get everything ready for as painless conversion as possible the following week.

So the point of this thread is to warn you all that I'll be moving it to a vBulletin sometime very soon. :)

I should also look to redesign the pages for better SEO - I'm especially lacking the extra internal links and <h1> tags that can help with the issue. Should be fairly easy simply to add. Though while I'm at it I really should look to redesign the site a little - it's still a little plain, especially the header. I'll look into that very soon. Oh, heck - I should get more texts up - see if I can add some more books for each section. Lordy - busy times ahead!