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I need to write a term paper on an aspect of Roman mythology, and I was thinking of focusing either on mens' actions that bring on the revenge of the gods, or on the concept of death and how the Romans dealt with it.
I'd really appreciate any suggestions about how I could develop either theme, and any pointers as to which myths to use to prove my point.
thanks to everyone!
My suggestions would be stories like Arachne and Oedipus for the former, Persephone and Orpheus for the latter. For sources, use Bullfinch's Mythology - there's enough stories there to keep you busy for about two or three dozen papers.
You can always pull something out of Ovid - and, depending on who marks the paper, you can mention people like Shakespeare. Also check through the index of Nietzsche - always a popular man for the Greek essay ;-7
Here you have an article about Romans views of Death and Afterlife :

I hope this can help you. Let me know if the link doesn't work. The main site is on :

You may find about daily life in ancient Rome, people, places, maps, religions and a lot more. If you want to know everything about a roman or a god, just use the search tool on the main site.