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Today I've begun the process of adjusting the site for Search Engine Optimisation. There are no particularly noticeable changes, but behind the scenes there's a lot actually happening to the site code. The whole intention is to ensure that this place is more accessible to a wider audience. And because the onsite collection of New Testament Apocrypha is essentially the flagship for (think: unique selling product) then this has undergone changes first.

I've not been able to shape the whole site today - the sections on Christianity and Alternative Religions have been SEO'd first. OF course, not everything went smoothly, hence why I've not had time to do the entire site. Everything seems to be working fine for the moment, though.

I still intend to create a new header, adjust the background to create a better user focus on the actual center of the template, as well as SEO the rest of the site and make a few small changes (for example, applicable articles listed under particular sections) - not to mention the coming conversion of the forum to a vBulletin.

Anyway, just to let you know that Brian is busy. :)
Just updated the ancient section. For some reason it only just occurred to me this evening that the Celtic mythology should have it's own area in the Ancient Worlds section, so I've now moved it from Neo-Paganism. Just FYI.