I don't believe in energies, I believe in the human mind.


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Universal energy and the evil eye and energies produced in our bodies I feel are wrong way of viewing life in the year 2005. I believe that these do exist but not in that sense I believe, they exist only in the human mind. I believe depending on your state of mind you create your own luck and your own misfortune and its all about perception and in a sense it does work in a similar way as to these energies people think exist, that way only an ancient way of explaining it.

Free will, it's a gift from God, we rule the world.... We make the choices, for bad and for good and all minds are connected in some sense to every living thing, this I accept, Prophets do not see into the future they see into life and everything that happens it like a domino effect, some can see where it will end sometimes it takes an other turn, there consious is more aware then others.

Was this meant to stimulate discussion, or just as a testimony of your own beliefs?
Certainly you're entitled to your opinion and it is an interesting topic, or rather, group of topics...maybe I'm not seeing the motive for it.
Are you asking us what we think of these things, or asking us maybe to justify our own beliefs in the matter (or lack thereof)?
Was this meant to stimulate discussion, or just as a testimony of your own beliefs?

Are you asking us what we think of these things, or asking us maybe to justify our own beliefs in the matter (or lack thereof)?

P.S Everything I say is never for certain, I accpet I know nothing.

This is a beautiful piece written by a dear friend and it seems appropriate to share on this thread as it surpasses all boundaries of science, religion and spirituality.

For me this really sums up oneness from a man's perspective and it brings joy to my heart and soul to see that a man who considers himself to be very much a man's man, can write such a beautiful explanation of love with such great humility.


It's only fairly recently that I've come to understand how Love relates to creation and to material energy. So for many years a lot was said in such spiritual texts which my eyes just glazed over with. Take this quote above: How can this thing, the sphere in Julian's hand, or our lives continue to exist now, "through the love of God"? And I never REALLY understood "God is Love".

I've come to understand that when East and West talk of the Trinity (Father, Son, Holy Spirit; Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva; etc), it's a key to the physics of the whole universe. Yet to use the term "physics" implies material, clock-work processes, and I don't mean that. All apparently material energies, processes, and objects are related to Consciousness.

Getting back to Love. I now have the understanding, IMHO, that God can be described as Love, Life, and Light, the foremost of which is Love. For out of Love comes Life, and out of Life comes Light including the whole physically-known electromagnetic spectrum which creates known energy and matter. All originally stems from what in words we can only call Divine Love.

You see, I used to think "love" was just a "feeling" and therefore even something insubstantial. How wrong I was. Why, the very electrons and atomic particles will follow one's projection of Love in the way all the bees of a hive will follow the queen. It's the key behind how things manifest, and it's the key behind miracles too. In place of Love one might use "Right Desire". What we project our desires toward, which is really to love that desired thing, attracts matter and energy to it and hence it can appear. (Yes, some people 'love' or desire and therefore receive wrong things too.)

How wonderfully this relates, then, to the Love of God creating the Universe, or that He/She formed us by 'His' Love! But I always like to be practical, not just metaphysical without purpose, so there's always the thought of, "What does this mean WE can DO, or should do? And the key is within Love, for by it we make things happen, grow, come to us, heal.

So once I thought that love was an insubstantial 'feeling'. Now I know Love to be an Energy, a Quality, a Consciousness, a Beingness, a Light, a Substance, a Flame. Just one concrete example: it relates to gravity (the attractive force), which otherwise is a totally mysterious force, yet is affecting all who read this in this very moment. So Divine Love is everywhere and eternally imminent.

Gradually, through the understanding of Love, all the sacred texts such as Catherine's Dialogue, "Conversations With God", Julian of Norwich, the Bhagavad Gita, and on and on, all reveal their clues and secrets....



Love beyond measure

i think i know what you are trying to say PM.
some call it energy, some call it a force etc.
i call it spirit.
spirit of God and spirit of Lucifer. Knowledge of good and evil.
Some call this, thoughts alone and leave the spirit(s) out of it, but i do believe, they are literal spirits with no physical body. Not spirits of men, but spirits that God created most likely prior to man, as angels.

I tried to see it all as just one spirit God, (no angels) and these thoughts/energies as persuasions from God, but then that wont work because God would be at war in His mind with himself.
I tried to see it as all just mens minds, but that wont work either because then you leave God out of it. I already have a close relationship with God, so i just laugh everytime i try to see it that way.
I see a human mind (the brain) but then I also see a spiritual mind that is of the spirit/soul.
We can influence each other by actions/speech, just as easily as the angels can influence us, But THAT is all done in spirit.
THEN, i see the influence creates energy/emotions that makes us react physically or even spiritually.
We can influence ourselves too and be our own mind, but this is different than being influenced by God, angels, and humans.

Anyway, there must be at least a dozen versions of this out but I think I know what you are saying.
Can you read my mind? to an extent i think this is possible but that is not something i need to set out to learn. I think I already know how to do it and I avoid diving into those things too much. God lets us know well enough.

Stay in the bible and in prayer and be careful with imaginations. I feel that is the best advice I can give anyone these days.
Dear PM

Allow me to share a story with you, by the grace of GOD an elderly lady was opening up to spirit, she came to group and was scared she had started to see what she believed to be dark energies. We scanned her and found nothing but her own fear.

The guidance given was that her loved ones in spirit were trying to contact her. She confirmed both parents had passed over recently. We advised that she went to see a medium so her parents could communicate what they wished to communicate then peace could reign once more.

This she did and all is now well, she now knows that the darkness was coming from her own fears within.

It is also sometimes hard for our loved ones in spirit to communicate with us, (many are very inexperienced at communicating with this realm) the best way to describe it is a television wave trying to communicate with a radio wave it can go astray due to the different vibrational frequencies. Which is why it is so important to receive appropriate training when people start opening up to the spiritual realms.

What we think we do indeed create so if we have a belief in evil it gives energy to that, if we are pure love then we only live on a plane of existence which is pure love. The more we give energy to fear once again the more we create it.

GOD is love and love is the way to live life forevermore.

So the human mind does indeed create a lot of energy both good and less good.

Many years ago I saw what one could only describe as a devil manifest in my bedroom, I held on to my cross and told the energy it had no place in my domain, for GOD loves me and I am surrounded by GOD's love, with that it disappeared instantly.

Afterwards I asked GOD 'what was that' GOD replied 'child it was just a build of negative energy being directed at you by other people, there is nothing to fear.' And so it is man's mind and negative thoughts are more powerful then they realise, we call experience like this psychic attack.

GOD is the way of love energy creating the Kingdom of Love where no darkness or evil can dwell, because negativity is a lower vibration then GOD's supreme love. So when we are pure love negative energy cannot reach our domain anymore. It is a different plane of existence and state of being Christ Consciousness.

Love beyond measure

Kim xx

Energy means alot to me. It is the truth beneath the mask; when seeing the truth really matters. I use my mind to make the decision of if/how I should recieve the energy. Energy helps me to understand others. Feeling energy helps me to understand when my own energy is in the negative so I don't present myself incorrectly and it helps me to acknowledge when I am jumping the gun. Though energy and mind are separate, there is power when they are used together. Hopefully we can just be mindful to keep the energy positive.

Energy cannot be created nor destroyed, its an observation that has been made and is a basis of our understanding of science. While I am not sure what you mean when you talk about universal energy, it does make me think. When someone thinks, it requires energy, after the thought where does that energy go. When we think does it affect the energy required to make that thought, and if the energy does not disappear that means it stays, with the effect our thought left on it.

That would mean after death we leave energy with our own mark on them. As we know it, it cannot be destroyed nor created so there is a *limited* amount of energy and the energy we effect stays forever.

Does how we affect the energy effect us directly? Does it affect us personally or people on a whole?

Lol, ok it’s late. Im just throwing some stuff up for discussion/ridicule. So go for it.

Sorry if it doesn’t relate to anything you said PM.
How come no one gets as "romantic" about mass as they do energy? Both are physical natural phenomena made of particles operating by the laws of physics.

No one ever says, "I think all the mass in the universe binds us together" or "when we truly learn to feel the mass around us we will have understanding".