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Acceptance was mentioned on the tolerance thread and today I am asked to share the importance of Acceptance.

If I had to sum up the most important teaching that I have gained through life experience of pain and suffering ~ it is Acceptance, because without acceptance we cannot love, give compassion or forgive others. Without acceptance there will never be peace on earth and unity. Acceptance does not mean we must embrace it means we ALLOW others there own conscious awareness of all creation and we allow others to just BE as GOD intended.


Pain is our greatest teacher and the evidence of our experience.

Unhappiness is a psychological state of not being able to accept life conditions.

When we cannot accept what happened we stay attached to the pain of the past.

Acceptance means to understand , it does not mean that you must choose to embrace.

It is one of those neutral words neither positive or negative.

A lack of acceptance signifies a lack of acceptance within oneself and as such a lack of acceptance of others.

Acceptance leads us to 'allowing' which is to permit others to be who they truly are without judgement, blame or criticism.

The first step is to understand what created the situations
The second is to have an acceptance of it
The third step is to let it go permanently through the love of forgiveness.

If you do not resolve the issues with your past YOU will continue to co-create negative situations and it will also effect how you react to your children,
friends, family, work mates and loved ones. Your past hurts will manifest through your reactions and communication.

Having 'an acceptance of that which is' allows difficult situations to sail right by us without getting attached to the situation.

When we choose NOT to accept we jump aboard a floating buoy and then get stuck and deserted there, we have created self-imposed blockages.

Every negative situation brings a better opportunity and wisdom to integrate.

When we have an acceptance of 'that which is' we can release pain quickly and easily.

We can learn to let go just by learning to have a total acceptance of the situation in which we find ourselves.

In other words through acceptance life become much easier, without attachment to situations, people, issues, expectations and outcomes.

Acceptance is the secret to achieving peace of mind and heart.

Ask yourself 'is it a life or death situation?


Then we won't worry about it then!

In learning to accept the unacceptable instigates a leap in human consciousness.

Be your own teachers from gaining wisdom from your own experiences.

Blissful happiness is when you have 'an acceptance of that which is'


Love beyond measure