Is this a story anyone knows


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I may be in the wrong place. But i hope someonce can help.
Has anyone ever heard of a story fitting the description below

"32BC, a seer named domis prophesized the torment of seven disciples on a prilgramage to the holy land but unknown to him one of the disciples predicted that four of the group would not return."

I have been unable to find any reference to 'domis'. If anyone can point me in the right direction I will be greatfull.
I'm afraid I can't find anything on Google - is the name "Domis" correct? Looks more like a Latin form for "home" than a prophet name.
I Brian, we are unsure about the name domis. I was also unsuccesful in finding a source. We have tried several different spellings, it is possibly Greek. Alexa I also don't know if it is from a book a play or what source. A friends father likes to challenge us, and is stuborn when asked for additional info. We have no conclusions. What is bothering us, aside from the name domis, is the usage of the terms 'holy land' and 'disciple' in a passage from 32 bc. I know little about religon and even less about religon I didn't learn in sunday school. The reason I posted it in this forum is because of the date and references to holy land and disciple, but thats not to say it may not have anything to do with early Judea. I was praying that someone may recall a similar story regardless of the 'domis' word. I appreciate both of you taking the time to assist.
It sounds like the sort of story that *might* possibly be covered in the writings of the Church Fathers, but that's a lot of text to cover. The name looks wrong, and if an early church writing, it's probably describing events from at least one or two centuries after. Any chance of getting an author name from your friend's father? :)
Hmm. An additional info would be useful. The only Domis I could find on the net was Michael Domis and his book "The best little fortune cookie ever". There are others, but I couldn't find the prophet one.