Anyone Else having a problem?

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San Bernardino CA.
Hey all, now I know I probably should not start a topic with this, but I did not know how to get ahold of Brian outside the site.

Everytime I go to the page with the various topics and such, I get a LOT of scripts errors. It is getting to the point I cannot load pages.

Please look into it if you can. Thanks.

No problem here. *shrugs and hopes he hasn't jinxed the system*
Apologies for that - likely I was messing with the index file and didn;t realise you'd come online. Judging by the time you posted it's not unlikely. :)

If there was another issue I'm unaware of then it's something I need to watch for.

However, next week I'm going to convert this forum over to the new vBulletin 3 software. From a user point of view it is actually much better - no need for code links, either - can use is wish, but there's a full text editor in the software. Aiming for Tuesday.