The Game of Life


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The Game of Life

“Some will win the game and some will remain lame”.

It takes a ‘willingness’ to change and look within to that which no longer serves you. There can be no ‘blame’ otherwise one stays in the slow lane hindered by the past.

Take the fast track dear ones, children of the light and darkness, let us guide you every step of the way, through your dreams and the messages that they convey. You say you need help, my legions of angelic light are giving you that help but are you willing to accept it when it comes through the messages from your friends and when reading a book.

The scenery you create, the script you do write, the melody that is in your mind. What do you find?

We throw you a cosmic ball do you catch it? Or watch it fall? Stand tall, pick up the cosmic ball run with it and learn to play the game of life. Do not be afraid we will lead you from darkness into the light. We do not mean to startle you but this is not the time to get stage fright or withdraw from that which you may not like.

The lime light beckons all around, it is the light of forgiveness, this green energy is tinged with yellow to empower your creativity and to show you a different way of working with forgiveness, a different viewpoint and a different type of justice. Whenever you see this lime energy know that you have work to do on learning how to play the game of life in a fair and just way. Justice is imperative to the weight on the scales, bringing balance and harmony to you and your planet.

Fairness is part of the game, is it fair to undermine yourselves and others? Is it fair to push another off track because it suits you. Who is the referee in your game? There isn’t one, this is the difference between a game of football and the game of life.

You are both the player and the referee so when do you end the game? When you have been pushed over the boundary or someone trips you up? Or do you choose to say ‘games up, I don’t want to play anymore, I am going to blow the whistle because I haven’t shot the ball.“

The champions that win the game of life rejoice in their good thoughts, words and deeds. They take a risk and know that nothing can be achieved unless you are willing to raise your heads to all that is divine. Some will say “I will try’ try you might but if you try something and it doesn’t fit now, this does not mean that it will not fit you later down the line. Oh so serious you can all be, what happened to set, match and game then celebrations for afters. Cucumber sandwiches and glasses full of Pimms.

What more can we do but to show you the movements, placements and give you strategies for overcoming your difficulties. We hear your cries and your prayers but do you hear us? With all our might we shower you with our love and light but only you can choose to listen, only you can to choose to walk the right pathway and see through the maze of life.

I Archangel Michael hear you ask “but what would I gain, my life would still be the same?” through your evolvement you gain enlightenment and peace for all human kind. Your gain is beyond the words that your language can describe, self development is about teaching the soul to fly! Beyond your perceived limitations and through the fires of discontent and the waves of disharmony you will become free and liberated of that which is holding you back.

I can feel the pain of terror that sweeps your planet, I can see the hidden fears, there is no where to hide, but you can learn to ride the waves like a dolphin jumping for joy. You cannot stop the tide of creation or the divine plan.

You have a choice whether to allow the tide to overwhelm you or you can join the side of light. If you stand still you could fall over from the might of the energy that is sweeping your precious planet, be agile, be alert, learn to fly over and around the obstacles in front you, I beseech thee, learn to play the game of life.

You cannot win the game of life if you are not willing to see the light.. Strategy is paramount being in the right place at the right time to receive the blessings that we wish to bestow upon you. Its like collecting pieces of a chess game, do you wish to be the pawn or the sovereign of divinity? Do you want to move straight ahead or keep taking steps sideways? The game of life is as difficult as you want to make it. Remember that if one is judgmental it shows they have little compassion to share. You can reach the winning line and receive all the rewards for your effort, patience and perseverance. Knowledge helps you with your game but it is wisdom that knocks the ball on target into the net. Wisdom based on integrating one’s experiences, knowledge combined with wisdom is an unbeatable opponent when it is laced with humility and grace.

Conditions are changing rapidly, we must stay on track and there is a need for you to compromise with your fellow man, understand them and where they are coming from. You have allowed people to make fun of you, but no more beloved ones. The tides are turning in your favour even though it is hard to see at times.

If you wish to move forward then follow these simple steps.

Make peace with your past
Release attachments
Make no Judgement
Play fair
Be true to yourself and your dreams
Forgive everyone
Be willing to change
Embrace new ideas
Take nothing personally
Take compassionate action
‘Be’ unconditional love throughout your life
‘Have an acceptance of that which is”


Dictation received from Archangel Michael October 2002 by Kim Thomas
this makes sense because ive resisted change about a certain situation now for about two years, resisted the change that I know myself has to occur and in the process of doing so my happiness in myself and the positive feelings I used to experience regularily about my place in the world, all have disapeared and left an empty shell, Ive lost all my intuition, knowledge of subjects that used to fill my imagination for hours on end. I am embarrased to be so weak:confused: