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Well, I just joined... so here's a nice big descriptive paragraph to let you know who I am:

My name is Ade, and I'm a 20-year-old eclectic solitary Wiccan. I'm insanely short and happy that way, and I tend to act my height more than I act my age. Actually, I never act my age. Anyway, I have a black cat named Belle, a tiger kitten named Moccasin (my baby), and a budgie named Nicky. I'm an English major and plan to *eventually* quit dawdling and publish some of my creative writing. I'm obsessed with the musical "Hedwig and the Angry Inch." I dressed as a nun for Halloween last year (complete with a pentacle necklace), so that's me in the icon. I'm also female, in case you were wondering.

And that's that.
Hi Ade, and welcome to comparative-religion.com!

My, what a strange habit! Writing, I mean - seems we have a very significant base of both aspiring and published writers here. :)
ADE! My gosh! How ARE you?

Hey, everyone! Meet Ade, a delightful and keenly intelligent young woman I met through Siege a couple of years ago when I lived in their neck of the woods in Pennsylvania.

So great to hear from you again! Welcome to the board!

Ah yes, we writers are a strange breed... but writing is awesome. In fact, in a few days I'm going to a writing workshop so it will motivate me to actually try and publish stuff (so far I've only had stuff published in my college's literary magazine). Plus, I'm going to live at the writers' house on campus in the fall. Gaaah - I'll probably end up dying of carpal tunnel syndrome by the time I'm 30.

Bill! So nice to see you here! I miss you! My life is decent at the moment, how are you and Nina doing?
LOL! Glad to see you're not a stranger!

Btw - don't be too surprised if this place looks different tomorrow - especially after the forum upgrade. :)