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I was on my way to accepting that the way forward for humans was for the belief in one God and Jesus Christ and to disregard any other religion as a less closer way of reaching God. I feel like I'm the prime of existence today. I'm part of the Christian faith the largest religion in the world and I live in a country of which has one of the largest economies in the world. I can very easily look down at people and say I’m part of Elitism and that I'm a very blessed person. My financial situation is also one of comfort, my family background is of high status back in Cyprus from the inheritance of costal land by being some of the first Greek settlers in our village and also come from an extremely strong religious back ground where my great great Grand father was subject to visitations of a saint and founded a church in our village.

However I've never thought like elite at all! In fact the same time of appreciating all I have, I question things, I question, question, question and try to see deep into things. What I find confusing to my very core is multi God belief. It may not be for some people but for me to accept something I have to have a philosophical strong foundation of thought, so that I can accept truly accept and as a person that found God and accepted him, I question my philosophical nemesis Hinduism. One of the oldest religions in the world and such a contradiction to Christian thoughts, lessons and philosophy. It's easy for me to say that it's an old religion and that people are moving closer to God so they are changing and that people following this religion are behind or not as close to God but how can anyone explain this?


One of the greatest phenomenons’s to be witnessed by modern society and still goes unexplained till this very day. The Hindu milk miracle.

Many journalists actively participated in these miraculous events. Rebecca Mae, a Daily Express journalist, wrote: "I had a good view from the side and all I can say is that the statue appeared to suck in half a spoonful while it was held level by the worshipper. The rest was sipped reverently by the devotee. A photographer from a national tabloid newspaper was right in front of the statue. And he was convinced it was drinking the milk. He said he could see no mechanism to explain the phenomenon, after scrutinising it at length. As a lapsed Catholic I don't believe in stories of the Virgin Mary shedding tears. Indeed, I would say I was as sceptical as anyone -- but it's difficult to dismiss something you have seen for yourself."

I’m a witness to the sweeping virgin as have all members of my direct family. I must add!

Anyway.. Please share you comments.

Why the contradiction in our earth from the ABOVE? Maybe Hindus will reincarnate? But maybe I won't?

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yeah and there should be no excuse for us not believing in something divine. :)
Namaste all,

for informational purposes only...

the term "Hindu" and thus "Hinduism" are terms that the British invented to describe the various religious praxis of India. as such, there is no religon called "Hinduism" per se. though, as with many derrogatory lables, they have adopted the term for themselves and thus, in the modern parlance, they denote themselves as Hindus.

generally speaking, the actual religion that they practice is called Sanatana Dharma, when we are speaking of the Hindus.

that being said, there is no one, single, overarching philosophical view that Hindus adhere to, though perhaps the most influential philosophical view that they have is called Vedanta. nevertheless, there are several philosophical views and thus, it requires a bit of specificity to get to what we are discussing.

further, Sanatana Dharma adherents are, in fact, Monotheists. they do not worship multiple gods. Shiva, Vishnu, Kali et al, are called Avatars and they are Avatars of the One, which is called MahaBrahma. Max Muller, for those that know, actually coined the term "Henotheism" to describe the nature of worship found in the Sanatana Dharma, though i tend to think that is more a product of his cultural view rather than a facet of Sanatana Dharma practice.

the interested reader is directed to:

www.hindunet.org for more information.
Thank you Vajradhara, must say I'm impressed.

Also very thankful for the information.
Looking for miracles in such things seem to be something of a distraction from the miracle of existence. :)

Hinduism has some interesting complexities, though - when my ancestors were running about the hills of Yorkshire counting sheep, the ancient Hindus were reckoning the age of existence in terms of billions of years.

I'd say that's worth more than a little milk-drinking. :)
I also wonder if Multi-God faith that the Greeks and onwards to the Romans took on has a connection to Hinduism? Since we all came from Asia mainly the Indian region? Even till this present day Greeks give high authority to saints and they have been known to perform miracles, actually this is not only limited to Greeks Orthodox Church but the Catholics too. From Portugal and Cyprus all the way from through the Mediterranean. It's almost like each saint represents a part of God. I also wonder if the protestant, Church of England, Anglican Church and northern Europe sections of Christianity have ever experienced the phenomenon of the weeping virgin? I'm not aware of any instance, however if think that iconic worship of Christianities figures are forbidden by these churches?

Hinduism has some interesting complexities, though - when my ancestors were running about the hills of Yorkshire counting sheep, the ancient Hindus were reckoning the age of existence in terms of billions of years.
I personally believe not enough credit is given to ancient Indians. Can you believe that when the west i.e. Romans had troubles explaining nothing in mathematics the Indians had already created 0 :) In fact 0 is an Indian idea that we got off the Arab traders. In fact all the numbers we have today are an Indo creation, bought to us by Arab traders :) Romans used to say they were the work of the devil lol... Suppose stupid white man couldn't get his head round it.

Indo people may be more intelligent then the white man (overall)... My general guess anyway. ;) Scientific excellence is booming in India at present. That's a part from the sales of Cow waist products, but there's no way of knowing it doesn't work unless you try it :p