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The Christianity board is for the discussion of Christianity and issues pertaining to Christianity.

While Christianity itself is a wide and complicated sphere of beliefs, there are certain topic areas that are best discussion on this board, and other topics best described on other boards.

As a general guideline for preferred content on the Christianity board:

1. Genuine interest in discussing meaning of scripture
2. Shared observations on practices/rites
3. Comparative Christian Theology
4. General Christian Fellowship and support
5. Christian Evangelism
6. Issues of discussion with regards to Christianity's interraction with the secular world
7. Apologetic discussion

There are of course other areas of interest, but this list should be illustrative.

The Christianity board has a remit to discuss mainstream Christian beliefs across denominations, where the founding doctrine is that Jesus Christ offers sole salvation to humanity though His Death on the cross.

This means Catholic, Protestant, and Orthodox branches have a clear remit here, across the liberal to conservative belief spectrum. Additionally, more controversial groups, such as Mormon and Jehovah's Witnesses, in following the above doctrine, are also to be regarded as invited to discuss Christian issues from their own unique perspectives.

The following is a guideline as to what should generally not be regarded as preferred material in the Christianity section:

1. Overt attacks on Christianity as a faith by non-Christians - faith tolerance is a requisite at CR.

2. Attacks on the Bible or other instruments of faith - discussions that seek to analyse the roots of Christian belief in a critical manner should be directed to the Comparative Studies board.

3. Non-Christian theologies should not be used as a basis for debating Christian issues on the Christianity Board - instead, consider more appropriate places for addressing such issues in detail, for example:

- Islamic perceptions of Christianity should be posted on the Islam board
- Mystical interpretations of Christianity should be posted on the Mysticism board
- NeoPagan/New Age interpretations of Christianity should be posted on the NeoPaganism board, or the main Alternative Beliefs section.

This is not a set of rules, but instead a set of guidelines intended to be helpful in determining best use of the Christianity Board.

People outside of general Christian doctrine should consider the feelings and concerns of Christians when posting on the Christian Board, and not seek to challenge them directly within that area.

It is not a board for confronting Christians, but for enquiry about Christianity and Christian issues.

Where posts or threads are deemed inappropriate, such material may be removed.

If you have any questions/queries/comments/complaints about the material posted on the Christianity board, then please be aware that these are the people you should contact:

Moderators for the Christianity board:
- juantoo3
- Quahom1

Global moderators (all boards):
- brucegdc
- Vajradhara

Forum staff:
- I, Brian

Hopefully this may be helpful.
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