Tibetan Prophecy through remote scanning


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I was sent an email today about an article that as appeared in India Times regarding reports from visitors to Tibetan Buddhists in Tibet, who claim that the Tibetans said there prophecies for the future of mankind came through remote scanning.

Does anyone have anything to share on this?

Many thanks

Kim xx
I don't know much about this but did they mention if mankind or at least me will servive? :D
Namaste all,

i suppose that the salient question is "what is remote scanning?" from there, we could engage in a dialog to determine if the Tibetans were doing it or not.
I believe it is using your mind and concentrating within to see into the future.

There is scientific evidence to support that blocking all outwards senses opens up a 6th sense or exposes it on a more physical level. :) There is a standard technique used too by scientists, that involves puting some ear phones that make a certain sound to balance out brain waves and closing your eyes. Not really sure about how they do it to be honest but something a long those lines.

What I ment to say was I didn't know much about Buddhist monks doing this :)

But I suppose this is the orignal question of scaredstar's post.
Namaste Postmaster,

thank you for the post.

if that is what it is, then i'd have to say that remote scanning isn't what is going on.

of course... i haven't actually been able to find the article to see what it says.. so i really can't say what was said or not ;)

do you have a source for the science to back the closing of the 6 senses opens up the supramundane aspects of awareness?
I heard once of a polish christian monk who's name a dont remember who was asked what God did before he created the universe. This was back in the 15th century or something when a standard answer would have been something along the lines of "He was preparing Hell for people who ask such questions." Instead he answered that time is a dimension of the universe, and as such God exists outside of time so the question has no meaning.

I have since thought that the same would be true of the enlightenemt ones. Since time is a dimension of the universe that we now call samsara, from which the Buddhas are liberated, a Buddha could traverse time as easily as we would walk down the road. We also know that it is possible to be close enough to enlightenment to achieve some level of clairvoyance and many ancient Tibetan practitioners did achieve such near enlightened abilities.

Building on this pre-supposition we can assume that to some ancient tibetans, time would be less constrictive than it is to most of us and so it is plausible that some of the most advanced practitioners would be able to see through time and prophesize the future.