What does the The Eye mean?


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I just want to clear out something before I go on posting, although what I say may seem odd and insane, I’m actually a very down to earth person probably the most down to earth person you ever met and what you actually read is the opposite to insanity, I'm clinically sane, never had a problem with my mental health in my life.

Here is a story. I was 15 years old and went on holiday to Cyprus Easter time to stay for 2 weeks at my aunty and Uncles and slept in the spear bed with my cousin in his room. One night during my stay I was having a nightmare and that something was making a loud noise in my sleep that it actually woke me. As I woke I realised that we were going through a terrible thunder storm it actually felt like the heart of it was over the house, it had took a few minute later until everyone had woken up. Were all extremely frightened because the lighting was striking extremely close and as I was sitting up on the bed and had put the lights on then I reclosed the lights and in the dark I noticed a large eye in the room. YES an eye! One eye looking towards me from the side of my cousin bed... Of course at the time I wasn't scared, I wondered if it had anything to do with light because I'd put the lights on for a bit. At the point the lightening was getting worse, no one in the house could sleep so once again my cousin gets up and puts on the lights and were sitting on out beds joking around and it's at that point the lighting had actually hit the house because heard the loudest natural sound would will probably ever hear in our lives and that lights went dead, no electricity in the house, nothing was working. So we all went outside together to hit the fuse back on or something I can't remember what they did, but light was back in the house. After the whole ordeal I had told my other cousin what I seen, and she believed me which I was very pleased about. And as we all went back to sleep and turned out the lights I continued to see that eye and throughout the holiday.

Even till this present day sometimes before I go to sleep I continue to see a faint eye image when the lights are off. And I can't explain it, my only theory is that it's God. I've mentioned on this forum before that I have the ability to see future events, my mum too, mainly in dreams like the death of my cousin, my mother had dreamt of it even though she was in an other country and when she told the dream to her grandmother she took her to the church to light a candle for her sister's child and a few days later they learn't the news. Maybe these things images are given to us maybe by God? Well one reason I tell you is not to claim any sort of superiority but these things happen and they happen to a lot of people, genuine and respectable people, my great great grandfather was subject as saint visitations and founded a church in our village. People think of God as something that is distant to them, the only person who makes him distant are themselves. It’s only a few days ago myself I realised how close God is to us.

However I'm sure the symbol of the eye... It has to mean something? Did the Egyptian use the symbol of the eye for anything? Does it mean anything in Christianity? The thing that wards off evil, in the image of an eye? What does it mean is it God?
i think a lot of these things are for self edification and that is all it is, which is a real blessing to have. yah, we can dive into it but i usually stop with being edified or having an answer from heaven.
not sure what one eye means, except for God is a spirit, so He would be able to see everything with only one eye.
Could be that He is watching you and He wants you to know that He cares, even in the middle of a real bad storm when the man made power stops working, God is still working & watching.

OR, maybe He is trying to say He wants you to watch more. Watch & pray.

for His eye is on the sparrow, & I know He watches me
Watching too many scary movies
I've tried to theorise about it Faithfulservant even to the extent of questioning it having anything to do with the light, but its not I stand by what I say. It doesn't commonly happen to me and actually the first time it happened to me was during that story I told you. Seriously it was one large eye looking right at.

Bandit I thank you for your warm words.
I just did some looking on Google and this is very interesting

The Eye of Horus an Egyptian idea that later Christianity took on for our own belife of God looking at us.

Surely if we have eyes and god created us in the image of himself, then he must have them too.
PM, interesting story about the eye. You're probably not imagining it, I think it must have meaning. Maybe this will help you. i've been studying a little about Hebrew and their alphabt and number system. This is what I can tell you about the eye or at least how it may be perceived from a Hebraic point of view,

The letter ayin in Hebrew(pronounced iy'in)has a numerical value of 70. Ayin means "eye" and represents various types of seeing; insight, forsight, outlook and perspective.
Postmaster, well, I'm not sure if it's the same thing as you are talking about but I also often see the image of an eye just after putting the lights out and the image lasts a long time, changes colors, and fades but often persists until I fall asleep. A flash of lightening would produce the same effect in a dark room if my eyes were open when the flash occurred.

Never thought it was more than some kind of biochemical effect of the retina.

Sorry to give such a boring answer,
Well, a phycologist would tell me it's a psychological problem, a scientist will tell me it has something to do with effects. And a religious person would tell me something else. Never had this problem with anything else, I don't create things, I don't imagine things, I don't hear voices, I don't have a problem with the lights being off lol.. Simply an eye, the first time it was large and clear and I was looking at it from the bed for a while, it was there and it was real. I didn't know what it meant, I wasn't scared, I knew it was significant and I was believed when I told my cousin. About 2 3 times I've experienced it again, only not as strong and I usually just close my eyes and go to sleep with out much notice, maybe the eye of God. I think I will say it is God or his eye, or some sort of symbolic message. Unless anyone else can point me any direction :) Didymus thank you very much for your information, it's helped :)
I remember once cutting down a dark alleyway with some friends, after going to some shops - when suddenly I found myself staring at this big huge disembodied eye in the middle of the alleyway.

Very freaky stuff.

I stood still trying desperately to understand how a big disembodied eye could be floating in an alleyway.

Then with relief I suddenly figured it out - the dim lighting was causing a slight reflection on the inside of my new glasses, and that is was only really noticable when everything was too dark, so that the reflection wasn't drowned out by "light noise". :)

But, more seriously, my personal experience is that whatever spiritual insight we may experience, our mind acts like a lense to distort and shape a purer form of revelation into something we can more properly comprehend.

It's interesting in this isntance that the you see the eye as coming from God, which is good - perhaps it serves as a form of metaphor that God is all around. Which isn't intended to denigrate the experience, excepting relating a perception you may what you wish with.

And I'll move this into the general Spirituality and Belief area, as that would seem more appropriate for this subject matter, if that's ok? :)
The scientific explanation of seeing an 'eye' is that it is caused by an irritation on the retina (moving from no light to bright light and back again). The optic nevre becomes excited and it takes a while to settle down again.

The eye has a very symbolic meaning. If you want to know what someone is thinking/ going to do, you look at their eyes. The retina is the most sensitive organ in the body and you will be able to register changes in it which you can't actually see clearly enough to explain. There are management / interview books that have whole chapters on eye movement and the musclues around the eyes.

Ever tried looking into the eyes of a stranger? Not advisable if they are drunk or have friends with baseball bats.