DD invited to children's meeting at church!


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last week at my prayer workshop (every wednesday), one of the ladies mentioned that they have meetings for children at another (Catholic) church, not too far from our home. I mentioned I was interested on account of DD and they "invited" her for next Saturday, as they are holding a special party to celebrate Easter with the children. They mentioned it would be a good activity for her to start, as she would get to know the children and would associate the group with fun...they meet from 9 to 10...at first, I thought about saying no, as I'm currently looking into swimming classes for her, and they run from 10 to 12...but then I thought: ok, swimming classes will help her in a pool or even at the ocean, but, faith will keep her from drowning "in real life"...so I will take her there this next Saturday, and see if there are other (viable) schedules for swim lessons...
Just thought I'd share this...As I mentioned in another thread, I feel like I'm still searching, but DD is most definetely Christian...perhaps Jesus is trying to reach me through her...
thank you for sharing miclason

but what is DD?

Jesus will reach for us any way he can to pull us up & out of that miry clay, so he can put us on a solid rock & a sure foundation.:)
Bandit said:
but what is DD?
Sorry, I'm "talking" like we do at another forum I frequent...DD is Dear Daughter (a lot of moms on that forum!)

I did take her to the meeting, and she enjoyed it very much. She promised the organizers she will continue to go!
We also went to check out swim lessons, and there is a schedule that will allow her to do both things...