As-Salaam-Alaikum to all!!!!


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As-Salaam-Alaikum to all,

Firstly I would like to introduce myself, I would like to go by the name of SC_Override and to let you all know I am a Sunni Muslim. I reverted back to my religion about a year ago, which was a huge surprise for me and many of my friends, especially due to the life I was leading. I was very much into drinking excessively, loved screwing around especially with girls, and I also loved listening to hardcore punk music, and even played in a band for quite some time too. Anyway, I have always been interested in religion and the purpose of my life, as I really hated the repetitiveness of my life and when I deeply looked at my life it was pretty much meaningless and wanted a sense of purpose.

Furthermore, and surprisingly, although I am from a Muslim background, I enrolled into a very strict Christian school, mainly because many of my early friends from primary school all went there and I had to convince my mother to let me go. However, my experience of being there and learning deeply about Christianity was that it was a religion that made no sense to me, and I was left unconvinced of it. Never the less I have always been interested in religious thought yet was left unconvinced of religions that existed, however, purposefully ignored Islam because I had a deep hatred for it. Mainly due to the fact that my mother, who is actually a very sweet and loving person, was always trying hard to rule my life and telling me things I could not do because in Islam it was forbidden. I guess I was very much attached to independence and wanting to enjoy my life like the way my friends were enjoying it, and especially hated the idea of having to give up so much for the sake of god. In some sense I would regard myself before I accepted Islam, as an atheist. Yet I had an innate connection with god, although I openly said I did not believe in god, in my heart and mind god was always there.

Anyway, by a stroke of luck, I met this Muslim guy on some expedition I went on, I have a passion for going on wild expeditions, and this particular expedition was in Snowdonia, Wales. To cut a long story short, this guy was very intelligent and very inspirational; he had destroyed all my misconceptions of Islam. And from there I studied it further. The funny thing is that my whole life I was trying to avoid it, but eventually it caught the attention of my heart. I decided this was definitely what I was looking for and the rest I guess is history. So I guess that’s my story.

In regards to this forum I have to say that I like the way it is structured and how very little evidence there is of people outright attacking other people’s religions, which I really hate (but having said that this is based on threads I have read so far). To me this suggests that the people on this forum are friendly and who have no malicious intent and are open to listening to other people’s beliefs, rather than slagging it off. Also it suggests that there must be some good moderating going on in these forums, which unfortunately is a problem at many other forums I have been to. There always seems to be excessive bad mouthing of each other, which is ignored by the moderators. Anyway, I hope this is the forum I have been looking for and hope to remain here.

wa 'alaikum salaam.

Welcome to CR, SC_Override. I think your first impression of the CR is accurate, it is a civil and interesting place.

Hi and welcome again to CR, SC_Override. :)
Hi SC_Override and welcome to CR. We had ome trolls in here too, but they were kicked out quickly by Brian. He works a lot to keep this place safe. :)