Spring&Summer 2005


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Dear All,

I wont be online at CR too much over the next few months, I love summer & spend most of my time outside in activities. I have some plans for travel & company coming in & out for about 3 months. I am also making a huge move with my business to a new location which requires all of my attention.

I am a bit tired of talking of religion for awhile, but have enjoyed it & have learned a lot. While it has not always been spiritually edifying for me, I have learned a lot of what others believe & it has been educational.

To the friends I have made here, thank you for the fellowship in Christ over the past few months. It has been a blessing for me. Stay faithful to Jesus to the end. I will pop in to say hello once in awhile & will be back to the boards fully, as summer makes it way to the end.

Brian & the Moderators, Thank You for hosting CR. You have a done a nice job with it & I look forward to the new things you have in store.

Just want everyone to have a great summer & be safe!

You'll be missed, Bandit. I hope you can pop by every once in a while. Good luck in your business move.


*a cute :kitty: sneaks into one of Bandit's boxes, then hides from all eyes, readying herself for transport. She quietly awaits marking her new territory and reaquainting herself with the human she's adopted*

Phyllis Sidhe_Uaine
Thanks everyone. I will still be here, just not as often as I would like.

Is anyone planning any fun trips or vacations this year?

I am going to one place for a get away. It is called Cedar Point. Roller Coaster Capital of the world. over 15 coasters with the tallest fastest & longest tracks on the planet. The latest is Top Thrill Dragster! It operates by magnets and has a top speed redlined at 120MPH in a 4 second launch, climbing & falling over 400 feet.

It is an awesome place/resort loaded with family fun & very clean..There is marina for boats, sandy beaches, camping, luxury hotel, water slides, go cart racing. It is nestled on beautiful Lake Erie, Ohio. I think it is better than Disney.


Here is the link if you have never been there

Is anyone else planning a vacation or weekend get aways this year?