Strange habits?


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At the moment my 19 month old daughter, Skye, helps me wash up in the morning. And when we finish, we wave goodbye to the water as it goes down the plug hole.

It reminds me that when I was a boy, after emptying the bath, I would always try and "save" the drips remaining ni the bath, by joining them together with my finger so that they could flow down the plug hole. I was trying to save as many water droplets as possible, because it was if they were alive.

Another strange habit I had as a boy was that I had to count to even numbers between lampposts. It didn't matter if I was walking past, or driving past - I had to count to 4, 8, or 16. I used to think it was a mad mindless obesession with no rhyme or reason. Only now, 20 years later, do I realise that it was a very real expression of musical ability - I was forming patterns of tempo, which are essential for composing music. In fact, it's likely that the issue was strongest when I composing on a little keyboard in those days. Not that I compose, it doesn't happen anymore - my footsteps themselves present tempo and I'll often imagine a tune to go with that. No longer am I plagued by abstracted even numbers!

Anyway, I thought I'd mention those as a way of inviting others to add any strange habits they may have had - or maybe even still have. :)