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Jewish scriptures supported the coming of Christ

The title "Son of God" is particularly of the Fourth Gospel, where it is also linked with the kingship of Israel and other messianic concepts (John 1.49, 11.27, 20.31). But evangelists also carries the idea much further. Jesus' divine sonship is wholly unique (John 1.18). He is a pre-existent entity who has always been with the father (John 13.3), unknown to the world until revealed in his incarnation (John6.42). This notion is comparable with some contemporary Jewish beliefs that the Messiah would remain hidden in heaven until he was revealed on Earth.
Miracles were not there for proof, but where performed as a sign of authority and any religion in my view has to show authority by miracles but not for the purpose of magical wonder workings, these miracles should also go on to be documented (which apprently some faiths prefer not).

Jesus elaborated on evil and evils of society, was he a Cynic? The Hellenistic (Greek) philosophers that where always pointing out what was wrong with society, did they make way for him? The Romans at times used to banish them or grill them on the grounds of public morality. Greece then went on to become the first Christianised country in the world after Christ.

Jesus also performed exorcisms, there were many wonder workers at the time that had made a name for themselves, healing the sick by the philosophy that ill people were fighting evil, or evil was over powering them. The sight of Christ or even his name at the time was enough to heal or help people and might I add till the present day.