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Well - it's time to be brave!

Until I either get a scanner, or else we get some more films developed with the pics also on CD, then this will have to do: :)

(Anyway, that should help better introduce myself)

[sigh] Apologies. I have a JPEG, have tried cutrting and pasting, have tried importing . . . can't figure it out, technoincompetent that I am. Can you help?

Great shot, Brian. Good to know what you look like!
This is the point where Brian loses all of his members:


This is isn't a recent picture, I'm a lot fatter than that now up until last week, I hadn't had my haircut for 8 months, even then my new haircut isn't as drastic in that one. :)
Hey, poolking really does play pool! :) Glad to see what you look like - there's an nice humanising touch to see pictures of people, rather than just names and avatars.

Btw - Bill - this is the sort of code format you can use for images already on the internet:

[ img ][ /img ]

If that's the pic you want to use then simply delete the spaces within the square brackets

If it's a different pic on your harddrive then use "reply" rather than the usual fast reply - that will give you the option of adding an attachment for viewing.
Thanks Brian!

Let's see if this works. I think I actually had it right before, but the image was too large. I've scaled it down.

This is me last Fall when we were about to buy our new house. Shows me on the huge boulder in our back woods--great ritual and meditation space.


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Ah, now something about about that pic simply exudes "nature". :)

Apologies the pic isn't actually displaying in the post (rather than a link) - I'll take a look at the settings again.

Btw - I'll edit the previous link to be a generic example.