Catholic Pedophiles Offer $55 Million


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New England
Just thought I'd mention this for anyone that was interested in the terrible issue of pedophile priests here in the New England Catholic Church. There's a new bishop here in Boston, Sean O'Malley, and it appears that he's going to start taking steps toward settling this issue. So far, from what I've heard the offer is getting some good response. I don't think money is going to 'fix' the problem, but this offer is the first time that the church is really taking some responsibility for the crimes. IMO, there should be a lot of people in the church doing some serious jail time, but since that's not going to happen the monetary punishment is the least they can do. Thoughts?
Certainly there's beena lot of damage - of faith and confidence - caused by the issue. And I don't believe that now there's any possible "fix" for the issue, as much as clearing up something of the damage.

Simply admitting there has been a problem seems to have been the first issue, which thankfully now seems addressed. The second issue was the refusal to address the victims - which the compensation money seems to be moving very much towards addressing.

As to the final issues - dealing with those responsible, and trying to ensure it doesn't happen again - anywahere - seem to be the final inimitable hurdles.
I find it sad that of the compensation set aside a third of that is for legal expenses. The lawyers are the only true winners in this suffering.