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Not yet - still shopping around as it's going to be a very expensive move. I also need to ensure that I absolutely trust the company, but not all UK hosts I trust have dedicated servers available in a price range I can work with.

I'm going to force myself to make a purchasing decision soon, though, as this site is now doing 1 GB to 1.5 GB of bandwidth a day, and this month is going to top 50,000 unique visitors. It's getting to be a bit too much for a shared server environment.

Leasing a shared server is going to be expensive - about £150-£180 per month (approx USD $280-$350/month) - but I am loathe to ask for donations, as I have always firmly believed a webmaster must take financial responsibility for their own sites.

So what I've done is set up a developer account with Amazon, and will see about setting up an Amazon affiliate bookstore here, so that if people buy their religion/spirituality books via links from CR, it may help the site recoup some costs.

Also planned: a bunch more content, a set of staff blogs, and a slight redesign. :)

Will try to get all developed in May, but things may be a little pushed. We'll see, though. :)

Hope that helps.
Sounds excellent I think a server would be a great move, good luck with all the work :)