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Welcome brother Cordoba to CR forum ,we hope you will be active member here . just one question are you the same cordoba in the Religious Education site ?
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Peace to you Friend, and thank you for your welcome.

It seems a bit quiet around here for the moment. The answer to your question is yes. Cordoba in Southern Spain used to be a leading center of knowledge, tolerance and civilization 1,000 years ago.

When I visited Granada and Cordoba many years ago, I was amazed by the beauty of the well-preserved Islamic buildings and monuments from that era, especially Alhambra in Granada, and the main mosque of Cordoba.

For some reason, Cordoba has something special. Since then it's always been on my mind.

Have you visited Andalucia before?
Thank you for your interesting
information about Cordoba , I didn't
visit it before but it is one of my dreams
to do that .This is one of my favorite places in cordoba


Personally, I can't wait to visit Cordoba one-day - my mum has some kind of time-share about 90 minutes away, and I believe she visited last year.

Cordoba always seems to give the impression of Islamic culture at its civilised height in Europe, before Christianity kicked it out rather ingraciously.
It's really worth a visit, as it offers a great historical and cultural holiday.

Next time I go there for a visit, I'll try not to make it in the summer, as it can be a bit hot, maybe spring is the nicest.

Cordoba had the larget library in Europe with more than half a million books and references, and was described as follows:

"When Cordoba was at the height of its flowering (Ninth and Tenth Century) there were over 200,000 houses in the city along with six hundred mosques, nine hundred public baths, fifty hospitals and several large markets which catered for all branches of trade and commerce, including 15,000 weavers:

You could walk through her streets for ten miles in one direction at night, and always have the light of lamps to guide your way. Seven hundred years later this would still be an innovation in London or Paris, as would paved streets.