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I'm really interested in astral projection. I understand the basic theories of it, but I wanted to hear from anyone who has actually managed it or has their own theory on it.

I'm a curious person :)
Hello Spritey,

As you may have already read, I have posted a question a while back I had on my own experiences on what one might call astral projection or an out-of-body experience in the Eastern Thought sub-forum. That may not be what your looking for, as it more directed towards "what to do" with an astral projection from a Buddhist point of view.

Here is the link, anyways, my question was near the bottom of the first page.

I have been recently experiencing slight astral projections while meditating (which I have been trying to avoid, as they are not the purpose of meditation) and they have been very stange occurances. It is a feeling hard to explain, but I've been reading up on it and some people who experience them say that almost anyone can experience it if they try a certain method.

I don't have a link for that but I'm sure if you look up "how to astral project" on Google, it'll come up with something useful.

Have you been experiencing astral projection, is that why you asked? Sorry, also curious. :)
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I am very interested in this subject--not ready to tell anyone exactly why yet. Just want to know more about other's real experiences.

Hello, Spritey

I've projected a number of times. mostly on accident although there have been a few occasions where I have managed to self-induce it. what works for me is this:

1.) go to sleep - but set an alarm clock to wake you up in about 4 hours.
This is so when the alarm clock wakes you up you'll be able to get back to sleep very quickly and reach a deeper level of sleep faster.
2.)when you wake up, walk around a little,..drink some water, just wake yourself up a little- 10 mins is a good amount of time
3.)go back to bed. it's best to lay on your back. as you are falling back to sleep, close your eyes and imagine yourself vibrating. don't worry if it's only slight tingling at first. as you fall deeper into sleep it will be easier to imagine the vibrations increasing. after a while this develops into a humm. eventually the vibrations will intensify to the point that you will feel yourself seperating from your body.

simply put:
1.) sleep 4 hours
2.)wake up
3.)imagine yourself vibrationing as you go back to sleep.