Power of Magick: Fact Vs Fiction

Power of Magick: Fact Vs Fiction

  • Level 2: ESP (inter personal psychological).

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  • Level 4: Minor Physical. More objective, but open to interpretation

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  • Level 5: Major Physical, Hollywood type. Objective

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  • Level 6: Unlimited (creating planets, destroying cities, creating calamities etc), Objective.

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I know there is a similiar thread, but I'd like to start this thread with a poll.

How powerful is magick in general, how high can it go?

Please vote and please reply (perhaps describe your experience) about it. Please base it on experience which YOU had or had witnessed, not on folklore.
Level 1 - Personal Psychological Effect.
It is all in your own "mind". Magick simply changes your psychology and not the "physical" world around you. Basicly a make believe level which applies only to you and does not directly affect others.

Level 2 - ESP, Interpersonal Psychological.
Mind reading, precognision/intuition, telepathy. Still mostly psychological but now it can affect
the others rather than you.

Level 3- Probabilities, Luck.
Nothing extraordianary that breaks physical laws, merely you are getting lucky.

Level 4 - Minor physical changes. Acceleration of known processess.
Nothing that goes against known laws of physics. For example you got sick, but through magick you recovered faster than usual in accelerated time. Maybe you grew by two inches because you bones didn't harden up full yet. Or some other biological chemical process has happened that does not totally break known laws.

Level 5 - Major Physical changes, may be going against known laws of physics, Hollywood Sorcery.
This includes: Levitation, throwing fireballs from finger tips, physical shapeshifting, teleportation, something big as that.

Level 6 - Unlimited potential.
In other words, moving planets, creating supernova's, creating mass scale disasters, creating universes, etc.

What do you think? What is FACT and what is folklore? Thanks!